The Executive Pantry

As a result of the last 10 years of mixing the right tools, workshops, processes, and materials together, Mise En Place has become the top chef in creating a proven recipe for organization, efficiency, and productivity. The Executive Pantry is one element to the highly desirable menu so many busy professionals are craving.

Welcome to the Mise En Place Executive Pantry, the best seat in the house for gaining invaluable knowledge and insight into how to quickly and effectively improve productivity and organization skills. The Executive Pantry is designed to give you access to a variety of key ingredients and tools that improve the way you organize your work day and establish a consistent productivity level so that you can not only work more efficiently, you can also get home in time for dinner!

All ingredients and tools are at your disposal 24×7 and delivered to you in this online format so no matter where you are or what time you need it, the information, tips, tools, and know-how is available to you.  Contact Mise En Place to see how you can join: 585.924.8470 or